How to Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack- Best Guide in 2023

Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack
Written by Waleed

Many hiking enthusiasts are curious to learn how to attach a trekking pole to backpack. This blog will share tips and strategies for attaching a trekking pole to backpacks in 2023.

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However, if you don’t have the right equipment, it can quickly turn into a miserable experience. One of the pieces of equipment most hikers don’t think about is a trekking pole. Trekking poles provide additional stability and support during challenging hikes, but they can be cumbersome to carry around if you don’t know how to attach them to your backpack.

Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack

A trekking pole is a telescoping steel pole used for stability and support when crossing difficult terrain. You need to consider the pole’s diameter, weight, and length when selecting one. Manufacturing material and durability are also important factors. Let’s look at how to attach a trekking pole to your backpack.

Make Use of Attachment Points

Most backpacks come with attachment points on the front and sides, allowing you to attach your trekking pole easily. You can find attachment straps or rubber lacing that are designed specifically for attaching poles to backpacks. Side loops are also a great way to attach trekking poles. It is especially handy if you have multiple poles. Pass them through the loop and secure them tightly, so it doesn’t move around while you are hiking. It will also help you keep your trekking pole upright and secure.

Strap Your Trekking Pole to the Side of Your Backpack

If your backpack doesn’t come with attachment points, you can still use straps to secure the trekking pole. Using adjuster straps, securely attach the poles to the side of your backpack. Make sure that the pole is firmly attached but not too tightly so that it restricts breathing or movement. Adjustment straps on the bag’s side also help keep the pole from flopping around.

Use Cabinar Clips

Another great way to attach your trekking pole is using a carabiner clip. It allows you to attach your pole to the side or bottom of your backpack. It is a useful option if you have multiple poles or bulky items that need securing. The carabiner clips come in various sizes, so selecting the right one for your trekking pole is important. It ensures that the carabiner can handle the weight of your poles.

Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack

Placing Trekking Pole in Your Backpack

If your backpack is large enough, you can place the trekking pole inside. Depending on the size of your backpack, this may be the best option if you don’t want it to stick out. However, if you have a short bag, you may be unable to fit the pole inside.

Ensure the bag is zippered so the pole doesn’t fall out. Shorten the pole and slide it into your backpack so it fits snugly. Place it in a corner where it won’t move around too much. Also, ensure not to place it among hard objects that can damage the pole. Moreover, place a pair of socks or a piece of cloth under the tip of the pole to avoid tearing the lining of the bag. Some backpacks have inside pockets, which is the most secure way to attach a trekking pole. Place it there and zip the pocket to ensure the pole won’t come out.

Use a Carrying Case

Attach Trekking Pole to Backpack

If you carry a small backpack on your hiking trips, you have to consider an alternative to attaching the trekking pole to your bag. Read our “Top 7 Small Backpack for Men In 2023” if you don’t like large backpacks. 

A carrying case is a great way to provide transit protection for your trekking pole. The carrying case is usually made from hard shell materials and can fit in the side pocket, so your trekking pole is out of the way but still secure. You can use c-clips, straps, and other fasteners to attach the case to your backpack. C-clips provide extra security to your trekking pole.

Get Trekking Holsters

Trekking holsters are designed to keep your hands free while you’re hiking. The holster is attached to the shoulder straps of your backpack and can secure two trekking poles. You will also be able to access the poles easily, as they stick out at an angle from your backpack. You can use bungee cords to attach the poles to the holster for extra security.


If you love going on hiking trips, having a reliable and secure way to attach your trekking pole to your backpack is essential. With the right gear, you can easily keep your trekking pole secured to your backpack throughout your hikes. Attaching the trekking pole to the side of a backpack is always preferable, but you can also place it inside the pocket or use a carrying case. With the above ways to attach your trekking pole to your backpack, you can worry less about it during your hikes. Enjoy all the great outdoor activities by securing your trekking pole.

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