Is Monos Luggage Better Than Away?

Is Monos Luggage Better Than Away?
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When we talk about premium-quality luggage brands, two names might pop up in our minds. One is Monos, and the other one is Away. Both brands offer excellent quality products that will make your packing and traveling experience easier and smoother. But which one of them is better?

Many people find it hard to decide when it comes to choosing a luggage brand. Read our 8 Good Suitcases For International Travel in 2022 to learn about the best luggage brands. Both Monos and Away offer great products, but there are some differences that you should know about before making your decision. In this blog post, we’ll see “Is Monos luggage better than Away?” So, let’s dive into it.

Is Monos Luggage better than Away?

Is Monos Luggage better than Away?

Though Monos and Away offer high-end suitcases, Monos has some features that make it a better choice than Away. One is the sturdiness of the material that Monos uses for its products. The finishing of Monos luggage bags is also better than Away’s. Monos uses a water-resistant polycarbonate material for its suitcases, making them more durable. Monos’s color variation and unique style also set it apart from Away.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the luggage, Monos has a more modern look, while Away has a classic design. If you are looking for dedicated compartments to organize your belongings, Monos is a better choice than Away. It not only provides room for your travel essentials, but you can also keep your dirty stuff separate from the clean ones.

That’s not it. If you are looking for a brand that is focused on quality and sustainability, Monos is the way to go. The Monos luggage is made of eco-friendly materials and is a perfect fit for eco-conscious travelers.

Let’s explore the reasons that make Monos a better choice than Away in detail.

Better Quality and Finishing of the Exterior and Interior of Monos

The Exterior of The Luggage

Monos luggage comes with a sturdy telescopic grab handle that can take a lot of wear and tear. Its high-grade aluminum tubes make it more durable than Away’s plastic handle. The handles are custom designed to make your travel experience more comfortable. Their 45-degree angle helps smoothly move the luggage around. 

Monos luggage also has refined stitching. The outer spine of the zippers is covered by color-matched rubber tubes. The rubber tubes are not only eco-friendly but also provide a cleaner appearance. These features make it expensive. Read our Why Is Luggage So Expensive? to learn about the high costs of luggage bags. 

Luggage lock

However, Away doesn’t offer such seamless stitching. Away use standard black stitching, which can be easily seen on the lighter color bags. Moreover, the stitching is also visible on the rubber tubes of the zipper. It can be a turnoff for some people. The exposed stitching also makes the suitcases less resistant to wear and tear.

Interior of The Luggage

Monos luggage has silk-like fabric lining. The lining is not only soft but also long-lasting. The silk-like lining also has antimicrobial properties, which make it more resistant to bacteria and other irritants.

The straps of Monos luggage are also durable. Straps are made of ballistic nylon that can take a lot of wear and tear. They also have a custom release buckle. Straps are installed in the bag in such a way that it’s not possible to remove them from there. Instead of gluing straps, they are screwed into the bag, usually in the hardware of the wheels and handle.

On the other hand, the straps in Away’s luggage are not as durable as Monos. They are just glued in the bag and can easily come off with extended use.

Color Availability

Monos offers more vibrant and trendy colored luggage bags. You can find a color that best suits your personality. The unique and elegant color options make Monos’s luggage more stylish than Away’s. The attractive red, blue, and green hues can make Monos stand out in the crowd.

Color of luggage

In addition, Monos is also offering Terracotta and Terrazzo are the latest additions to the color palette. They are a limited edition and are available for a short time only. The Terrazzo is inspired by the Italian countryside, while the Terracotta is a tribute to a timeless material used for ages.

Terrazzo is a unique blend of various colors. It has a marble-like appearance and is very popular in Europe. This stylish color makes your luggage more sophisticated and luxurious. On the other hand, Terracotta is a classic earthy hue that never goes out of style.

On the other hand, Away offers more subtle and classic colors. The brand mainly focuses on shades of black, gray, and tan. While these colors are suitable for business travelers, they might not be ideal for leisure travelers. Away also offers a limited edition of their luggage in brighter colors. However, the selection is not as diverse as Monos.

Organizer Compartments

Monos and Away offer sufficient space to hold your stuff when it comes to storage capacity. Both brands offer different sizes of luggage to accommodate different needs. However, Monos offers more compartments and organizational pockets to help you keep your things in place.

Monos and Away luggage consists of zipped compartments. It is designed to keep accessories, shoes, and other items you need while traveling. The zippered compartments help to keep your belongings organized and easy to access.

Now, the thing that sets Monos apart from Away is the number of compartments and organizational pockets. Monos offers a separate zip compartment over the main compartment for storage purposes. This zip compartment can store your passport, tickets, and other important documents.

With Monos suitcase, you can keep your shoes in two shoe bags. In addition, Monos also offers a laundry bag. The laundry bag is made of water-resistant material and can be used to store dirty clothes. This feature is very handy for travelers who want to keep their dirty clothes separate from the rest of their belongings.

Organizer Compartments of the luggage

Complains about Luggage

No luggage brand is perfect. There are always some complaints from customers about different aspects of the bags. The same is the case with Monos and Away. However, Monos has a much lower number of complaints than Away.

The main issue with Away luggage is the quality of the handle. The handle is not very sturdy and breaks easily with extended use. It is a major inconvenience for travelers as they carry their luggage without a handle. Besides, Away offers only two adjustment levels for the handle. So, if you are taller or shorter than average, you might have some issues while using Away luggage.

Complains about Luggage

On the other hand, Monos offer a very sturdy and stable handle. The stability of the handle shows high-quality craftsmanship. The push button is located directly below the handle making it more comfortable to use. Moreover, it offers four adjustment levels to make it suitable for different users.

Minimalistic Design

Though Monos and Away both offer minimalistic design, Monos is a bit more inclined towards it. The brand focus is on the functionality and durability of the luggage. It has a refined finish and sleek appearance.

Minimalistic luggage Design

Monos offers a more polished and sophisticated look. The brand pays attention to even the smallest detail. If you look closely at the line spacing, you will notice the sleek and well-thought design.

When we take a closer look at Away’s suitcases, we can see that they need improvement in design. The overall look is a bit boxy and not as sleek as Monos.

Use of Eco-Friendly Material

Monos is also Climate Neutral Certified. It means that the brand takes responsibility for offsetting its carbon footprint. Monos uses recycled materials for manufacturing its products. The brand is conscious of its environmental impact and takes measures to reduce it.

One example of eco-friendly material usage is the lining of zippers. Instead of using rubber tubes, Monos uses thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in the lining of zippers. TPE is a recyclable and environment-friendly material.

While Away uses PVC in the lining of zippers. PVC is a cheap plastic that is not biodegradable. It takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Moreover, Monos uses recycled ultra-micro fiber to manufacture their tags in place of leather. The recycled ultra-micro fiber is made from post-consumer recycled water bottles. Its manufacturing generates no waste, and it’s as durable as leather.

Advantages Away Luggage Offer Over Monos

Though Monos is a great brand and offers high-quality products, Away also has some advantages over Monos.

Innovative Design

The main advantage of Away is its innovative design. The brand offers unique features unavailable in any other luggage brand. One such feature is the built-in battery. The battery is used to charge your devices on the go.

This feature is very handy for travelers as they don’t have to worry about their devices running out of battery. So, if you are looking for a luggage bag with some innovative features, Away is the brand for you.

Interior Compression System

Another advantage of Away over Monos is its interior compression system. The compression system helps to reduce the volume of your belongings so that you can fit more in the bag. The compression system is very handy for travelers as it helps to save space. It provides more room to pack more things in the bag.

Some Away suitcases also feature washable lining. It is a very helpful feature for travelers as they can easily clean the lining of their suitcases. They can conveniently remove the lining and wash it in the washing machine.


A sturdy and long-lasting luggage bag is a must-have for every traveler. Both Monos and Away offer great products. But, if we compare the two brands, Monos is a better option as it provides more value for money. The products of Monos are more durable and offer better features. Moreover, the brand is more conscious of its environmental impact. So, if you need some luggage for your next journey, go to Monos. I hope this blog post helps you to make a better decision. Share your feedback and queries in the comment section below.

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