3 Must Have Backpack Features for Safer Carry in 2023

must have backpack features for safer carry
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Do you find yourself spending a lot of time outdoors but don’t know what features to look for in the perfect backpack? Or, perhaps you already have a go-to bag but are considering upgrading? No matter the scenario, carrying gear safely and comfortably can be done with a careful selection of storage solutions. Now is the time to learn about the must have backpack features for safer carry for outdoor exploration. This blog post will discuss last-mile carry essentials and provide helpful tips on finding the best bag – one that meets your individual needs so necessary items remain easy to access no matter where your adventures take you!

The emergence of the pandemic of COVID-19 has revolutionized our lifestyle. It has also changed the way we carry our belongings. We must be cautious and take steps to protect our health and the safety of those around us. For that purpose, modifying and upgrading your surrounding has become a necessity. Like our food and other items in our surroundings, backpacks also need to be safer and more efficient. Check out our “Top 10 Best Luxury Sling Bags For Men In 2023” to get the latest bags.

If you are concerned about your health, you surely want a safe, efficient and ergonomic backpack for your travels, trips and everyday tasks. A backpack that is equipped with features not only provides room for your gear but also helps you protect your health. In this blog post, I’ll go through three features you must have for any backpack in 2023. So, let’s begin.

Anti-Bacterial Fabric

Fabrics are one of the most suitable habitats for germs to flourish. The fabric of backpacks and bags that come into direct contact with dirty floors and unsanitary surfaces are also the breeding grounds for microbes. Such backpacks can cause the wearer to get sick.

The healthcare industry has been using antimicrobial fabrics for a long time as people come into contact with harmful microorganisms there. Fabrics used in hospitals for bedding, scrubs, and other purposes are often treated with antimicrobial technology to prevent patients and staff from microbes.

Recently, several backpack brands have been using antimicrobial fabrics to line up the bags and keep them safe from germs. When you have a bag that’s lined with antimicrobial fabric, hygiene is never an issue. Though there are not a lot of brands that incorporate this feature, it is something that you should be looking for in your next purchase.

Charging With Your Backpack

Charging With Your Backpack

The fact that more gadgets are embracing wireless charging rather than wired charging could make one consider how we charge on the go. A convenient option for minimizing contact with public surfaces is by using a wireless charger on your device. Some backpacks also offer wireless charging options. 

A backpack is great for charging your gadgets with a wireless charger. Wireless charging offers you an accessible way to power up your devices as you commute. The ability to have power anywhere makes it easier for backpack users to keep their mobile phones, laptops, or any other electronic device charged.

Backpacks with a USB port also offer a convenient way to charge your cell phones anywhere. You can charge wirelessly or via USB, making it easy to keep track of your device when it’s on the go or at home. The portability allows travelers to take their chargers with them in case there aren’t any available outlets nearby while they’re commuting between destinations by plane, train, or bus.

Having integrated wireless charging technology in your backpack is a great way to avoid placing your phone on icky surfaces and unpleasant places during travel. It means less surface contact and more peace of mind when you are on the move. Read our “Top 10 Best Backpack with Built-in Lunch box In 2023” to make your journey comfortable.

You should go for Veckuson Laptop Backpack or Jiefeike Travel Backpack if you are looking for a backpack that offers a charging port. 

Easy-Access Slip Pockets

Easy-Access Slip Pockets

A slip pocket doesn’t have any zipper or fastener to close it and thus provides you easy access to the items within the pocket. Most of the time, carrying your wallet, phone, and other essential gadgets can be a hassle because you must carry a large backpack to accommodate the items. Having an easy-access slip pocket means that you can just slip your gears into a separate compartment and quickly take them out when you need them.

This is a great way to keep your hand sanitizer and face mask at hand when you need them most. Also, these pockets reduce the risks of spreading harmful bacteria and other microbes as they don’t have any zipper or buckle. The slip pockets usually come with elastic mesh on the inside so you can cinch them in tight. Metal surfaces are also a breeding ground for harmful microbes, so the absence of fasteners also reduces the risk of contamination.

Herschel Retreat Backpack is one of the best backpacks that offer easy access pockets with numerous other features. 



Final Words

As we are fighting COVid-19, taking precautionary measures is important to keep the germs away. The three must-have features mentioned in your backpack can help you stay healthy or prevent getting an illness during a journey. So, get a bag that offers all these three features and enjoy a healthy life.


What is the most important feature of a backpack?

When you are going to get a new backpack, you need to consider several features. However, the most important feature of a backpack is its padding. It should be able to cushion your back while carrying a heavy load. A well-padded bag can prevent strain and injury to your back and shoulders.

What should I put in my backpack for carry-on?

When planning to travel, it is important to ensure that your backpack contains all the essential items. These include a basic first-aid kit, a few snacks, a water bottle, your cellphone and charger, a book or magazine for entertainment, and your documents, such as your passport and CNIC. You should also keep your toiletries, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and sanitary wipes. However, if you are packing your backpack for school or the office, you should include your laptop, important documents, and other necessary items.

What are the three important things that you will include in your luggage and why?

When packing a backpack for a long trip, keep all your essentials organized by packing the items in an organized manner. The following are the three important things that you should include in your luggage:

  • Firstly, you should have your passport and other important documents. It’s important to have these items on hand in case you need them during your travels.
  • Secondly, pack enough clothing. This will help you to stay comfortable no matter what climate you find yourself in.
  • Thirdly, keep your physical address and contact number in your bag. It will help you stay safe and make it easier for someone to find you in an emergency.

Make Sure your backpack has these features

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