10 Different Types of Backpacks For Every Adventure

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Backpacks are a staple for students, travelers, office workers, and professionals in every field. With overwhelming types of backpacks available today, choosing the right one is not easy. Most people don’t even know about the types that often lead them to pick up the wrong backpack. If you are having a hard time choosing the right backpack, you should learn about the types of backpacks first. We have compiled a whole list of the types of backpacks and their features. Let’s have a talk about them. 

  • DayPack


It’s a small backpack, designed to accommodate stuff for daily activities. It is one of the most popular everyday backpacks that can make your life convenient. A daypack is a good choice for keeping essentials for school, work, and short hiking adventures. This type of backpack is more or less the same size. Such bags consist of a zipper compartment, a front pocket, shoulder straps, and a top grab handle. 

  • Rucksack


This type of backpack has a different design than traditional backpacks. Its unique design makes it more stylish and makes it stylish and classy. They come in both small as well as medium sizes. This type of backpack can accommodate your books, clothes as well as other equipment.  

Unlike traditional-style backpacks, rucksacks have a flap over the main compartment. Buckles are often employed to secure the flap with the backpack. Instead of the zipper, the main compartment contains a drawstring closure for enclosing. Along with the main compartment, rucksacks have numerous pockets. 

  • Laptop Backpack

Laptop Backpack

It is another great everyday backpack. Laptop backpacks are the most popular type as most people require to take their laptops with them. No need to carry another backpack with you, when you can keep your laptop with other stuff. These laptops come with a padded sleeve or a separate laptop compartment that protects your laptop. They assist you to take your laptop with you on your business tours, office work, journeys, and several other places. 

Laptop backpacks usually have a plethora of space for holding a laptop and other items. They are large-sized backpacks that can help you carry all your essentials. Dual laptop backpacks are also available today. They allow you to carry two laptops simultaneously in the same bag. You can check our dual laptop backpacks if you want to get one. 

  • Duffel Backpack

Duffle Backpack

A duffel backpack is a unique type of backpack having a classy design. This type of bag has variable sizes. They come in small, medium as well as large sizes. A duffel bag backpack is an excellent alternative to traditional daypacks. They are also an outstanding choice for traveling, business tours, and gyms. If you are a gym rat, a duffel backpack is a perfect choice for you to organize all your gym equipment. 

A duffel bag consists of one or two shoulder straps, and a top grab handle. You can have a look at our American Made Leather Duffle Bags for getting a premium quality backpack.

  • Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack

Such backpacks come with a drawstring or drawcord for closing and opening the bag. They are an amazing option to carry additional stuff. If your stuff is more than your regular backpack can accommodate, you can keep it in a drawstring backpack. It provides you with a convenient way to carry your books, clothes, and equipment.

Drawstring backpacks suit middle schools and high schools. Such backpacks comprise only a single compartment. These bags are quite handy and less costly as compared to other bags. 

  • Sling bag Backpack

Sling bags are a reviving trend of the 90’s. It has only a single strap that is worn across the shoulder or body. They are a better option to keep your small items, like smartphones, wallets, and other commodities with you while travelling or visiting a place. 

These bags are also used to accommodate additional stuff that your regular backpack can’t hold. They offer a more comfortable way to keep your valuables with you all the time. Our Best sling bag for men can assist you in getting an outstanding bag for your journeys. 

  • Tote Backpack

Tote Backpack

With exclusive features and a unique combination of a tote bag and a regular backpack, the tote back is a fashionable bag. The shoulder straps of the tote backpack make it different from ordinary tote bags and also assist in carrying. 

Such backpacks have a spacious zipper compartment and multiple internal and external pockets to organize all the items. Shoulder straps and top grab handle provide ease of carrying. They are usually medium-sized backpacks. Like laptop backpacks, some tote backpacks also come with a separate laptop sleeve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  •  Hiking Backpack

 Hiking Backpacks

As the name shows, hiking backpacks are best suited for hikers and adventure seekers. It comes with one or more zipper compartments. Zippers allow you to keep your clothes, books, and other things easily. Plenty of pockets help you organize everything, especially tiny items. They are usually lightweight and well-ventilated, which makes them an awesome choice for hiking and adventures.

Hiking backpacks are designed for short hikes that are one or two days long. Their size varies. They are available in small as well as large sizes. Backpacking backpacks are another great choice for hikers that love difficult hiking trails. These bags have sufficient capacity for accommodating various gear. 

  • Snowsport Backpacks 

Snowsport Backpacks

These types of backpacks are designed for snow games, like snowboarding and skiing. Snowsport backpacks look much like hiking backpacks. They are lightweight as heavy bags could imbalance the load while moving over snow. 

A snowsport bag consists of a hip belt, shoulder strap, and perfectly ventilated back panel. Comfort and ease are necessary to consider while choosing a snowsport backpack for some snow sports. Also, search for a waterproof backpack for snowsorts to save your essentials from moisture. Moreover, this type of backpack also contains a sport for keeping your helmet.

  • Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack

Travel backpacks are designed for carrying daily essentials anywhere you are going. They are one of the best companions for your journeys that holds your books, clothes, laptop, and other things for you. They are designed for people that have to stay away from home for months. Such backpacks are quite heavy for a comfortable journey.

These backpacks come with lots of pockets multiple zippers, and even a lunchbox. Getting a backpack with a built-in lunchbox is also a good choice for traveling purposes. The padding and ergonomic design of the backpack straps and back panels make your journey even more comfortable. 

  • Wheeled Backpack

Frequent travelers prefer these backpacks because they make it easy to get around airports and train stations. Such a backpack offers ease and convenience as you don’t need to carry a heavy load on your back all the time. You can extend the handle to roll the backpack behind you or carry it like a suitcase.

When buying a wheeled backpack, make sure to choose one that is lightweight and has a sturdy frame. They are usually spacious enough to hold a laptop, textbooks, and other essentials. In addition, they easily accommodate all your accessories along with your clothes.

  • Mini Backpack

Mini backpacks are smaller versions of traditional backpacks. These days, mini backpacks are all the rage, especially among fashion-savvy millennials. Moreover, they are also popular among girls who want to look stylish and cool without carrying a lot of stuff.

A mini bag is not perfectly functional. It will not hold everything you might need on a long hike or day at the beach. However, for small items and everyday use, a mini backpack is an excellent option.


Knowing about the types of backpacks can help you a lot in making the right decision about choosing the best backpack. I hope the above-mentioned types help you in your decision. So, read the above types and make your way to getting the right backpack more convenient and exciting.


How many types of backpacks are there?

A backpack can be any one of ten different styles. Such as a sling bag, hiking bag, travel bag, etc. These can be used for a wide range of purposes, from general to niche. Make sure you find the right backpack for your needs when shopping for your next backpack

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